Set of 3 Small Panels

Set of 3 Small Panels

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Small Panels are approximately 20x30" and the sets will contain any three of the small panels that are available on the current round.


To order, choose the base you would like from the drop down menu and type the name of the panels you would like on your rapport in the description box. If you are ordering multiple rapports, add them to the cart separately and write the descriptions separately. 


 Preorder Info:

The Round 45 Preorder will run from November 1st - November 30th.

Part 1: Orders placed from November 1st - 15th will be submitted to the printer on November 16th

Part 2: Orders placed from November 16th - 30th will be submitted to the printer on December 1st.

The Round 45 prints will no longer be available to preorder on December 1st. It takes 6-14 weeks from the time the order is submitted to the printer for the fabric to be printed, shipped to us, processed, and shipped to our customers. If you are not comfortable with that wait time, please do not place a preorder at this time.

Small amounts of ready to ship Retail may be ordered, it is based on how much fabric was sold during the Preorder.  The same goes for a potential re-run of the print, it will be based on how well it sold on the initial round.  Many prints will not have retail or be run again. The only way to guarantee you will receive a print is to preorder it.